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Traditional methods of working with paper, csv or pdf bank statements are outdated. Harness the power of Open Banking to save you time and improve audit quality.


By Accountants for Accountants

Our award-winning team has experience working in Audit Data Analytics departments across both Mid Tier and Big 4 firms.

Security First Platform

Audapio adopts industry best practices to secure your clients’ data. Security, scalability and reliability are at the core of everything we do.

Audit Trail and Quality

The Audapio platform maintains an audit trail of every decision made, drives automation across the audit file and improves audit quality.


Account Information API (AISP)

Complete and Accurate Bank Transactions

Our platform offers secure, consent-driven access to clients’ transactions directly from the bank putting an end to outdated methods of working with paper, csv or pdf bank statements.

Audapio eases the burden on clients and puts accountants’ minds at rest knowing they are working with complete and accurate bank transactions.

The Audapio Analytics Platform

Advanced Analytics

We offer a suite of advanced analytical tools driving both time savings and improved audit quality across multiple areas of the audit file.

Our categorisation algorithm and easy to use interface allow for quick and accurate categorisation of transactions. This drives various automated audit procedures moving the auditors away from sampling and testing 100% of transactions.



The Audapio Platform

Bank Statements and Balance Confirmation

Ensure you are working with complete and accurate bank statements.

Intelligent Categorisation

Our categorisation engine and simple user interface allow for quick and accurate transaction categorisation.

Going Concern Review

Sign the audit report with confidence knowing that outstanding debtor balances have been recovered.

Dashboards and Visualisations

Impress clients with a deep understanding of their business obtained from interactive graphs and tables.

Outliers and Anomalies

Machine learning and accounting specific rules detect outliers for both cut-off testing and payments testing.

Bank Transfers Testing

Instantly verify that all bank transfers between company accounts agree at the click of a button.

Fraud detection

The Brydon Review suggests making accountants responsible for detecting material fraud. Future proof yourself now.

Cash Flow Forecasting

Improve going concern reviews and empower yourself to proactively advise clients on cash management.