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Stop digging paper bank statements out of the archive, downloading CSV files or even scanning bank statements. Securely and easily provide your accountant with your bank statements via Audapio and access our Analytics Dashboard to review and manage your cashflow.

Easy Secure Data Transfer

In just a handful of clicks, provide your accountant with your bank statements with banking-level security.

Efficient Audits

Audapio makes it easier for accountants to work with your bank statements and provide an efficient audit.

Greater Insight and Value

The Audapio Analytics Dashboards helps both you and your accountants gain greater insight from your data.


Security First

Banking Level Security

Paper bank statements raise various security concerns. Do your Auditors take your bank statements back to their office? Are statements locked away at lunchtime and at the end of each day?

Audapio removes these concerns by providing your bank statements to your accountants through ‘Open Banking’. The APIs (our connection to the banks) have been built by the banks themselves and you, as the account owner, have complete control over who is authorised to access any data. You never have to share your bank login details with anyone, just use them to log in to your online banking as normal. From within your online banking, you can easily control what data you share.

Spend Less Time on Compliance

Get More From Your Audits

Paper Bank Statements are difficult for accountants to work with and CSV files require additional audit testing.

Audapio provides accountants with your bank statements in a user-friendly format. As the statements come directly from the bank, accountants are assured the transactions are accurate and complete, eliminating the need for additional testing and allowing them to provide a more efficient audit.

Above all, as it's your data, we'll provide you with an Advanced Analytics Dashboard to help review past performance as well as manage your future cash flow requirements.

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